Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Vexation: (noun) 15th century: troubling/irritation/affliction
Apparently Ann Rice is at it again with her new book "Angel Time".  What does this have to do with my endeavor to read the top one hundred list, absolutely nothing!  But, since I'm deciding what new book to read today I figured I'd toss some ideas around in regards to this "VAMPIRE" vexation I have!  Which, apparently Rice now shares since her conversion to Catholicism.  I guess her new character, an "angel", has to go around cleaning up this vampire mess she made back in the 90's.  
All of sudden the new big thing is Vampires!  (New??)  I thought Bram Stoker pretty much summed it up, but then Ann Rice came out with "Interview With A Vampire"  and everyone was blood lusting to be bit by Lestat and/or Louis depending on one's taste.  

 I'll admit, I was a huge Rice fan and then I recall in one of the later books Lestat suctioning himself back together out of nosophoros primordial goo under some house and then becoming a rock star and that's when I said, "Okay, too much suspension of disbelief for me!"  Now here we are with all these new vampire series piggy backing off each other getting anemically worse by the second.  I just took my kids to "Where The Wild Things Are" (great book/great movie), and  on the marquee I saw a new movie entitled, you guessed it, "Vampires".  There is something in the simplicity isn't there?  
My spouse said this post is too negative!  Maybe it's the time of year???


Anonymous said...

Well, apparently all the Twilight lovers are gearing up for the next movie which will be out in November.

Are you sure there isn't one vampire in the top 100 best novels????

fredamans said...

I happen to be friends with Anne Rice. She is no longer writing Vampire tales. She is currently sticking with religious topics as angels. She has made it clear to me, she has no plans of writing vampire novels again.

Good post though.