Tuesday, October 20, 2009


"LADY CHATTERLEY'S LOVER" by D.H. Lawrence was a delightful surprise.  Unfortunately since I am currently a hobo, bouncing from place to place, the book is buried somewhere in my pathfinder. I've been camping for two weeks with my family and now I'm in a small studio.  We are looking for a permanent place, but until then it is quite interesting to fulfill all my obligations living out of a suitcase. At least I don't have to hop any trains!  Anywho...... yes that was me  making fun of "Lady Chatterley" not so long ago! But, (blush, gush...gush) I have been over swept by the romantic tide of D.H. Lawrence.  The steamy love scenes between Connie Chatterley and her Game Keeper are something else! And, if you've ever been passionately in love (especially for the first time when you really go out on a limb and get a little crazy) the book will have you visiting  some far away delightful memories!  I know there have been several movies made of this book, but I have never seen any of them and don't intend to!  The beauty of "Chatterley" is in the language.  The exacting expressions of love, passion, fear, lust, insecurity and the visual imagery along with personal connections are nothing that could possibly be conveyed in a movie. It takes awhile to get into, but it's worth the effort (and there is not hidden meaning in that statement!;)


David Wagner said...

And if one has never been in love? Would that be more or less dangerous? MUAHAHAHA!!!

Perhaps I have an aversion to romance as a defense mechanism, since I know I'll likely never get to experience it in this lifetime, and it bums me out...

Thanks for posting your thoughts... what book is next for you?

Anonymous said...

This book must be hot, because my screen is steaming up :)