Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Apparently, Slaughter House-Five (as the title may suggest) is on board for the Halloween festivities!  What could be scarier than aliens, time warps and B-Movie actresses??? This novel, is number 18 on the list!  Slaughter House-Five, like Ulysses, has a nonlinear narrative, which should prove to be exciting and easy to follow.  The main character is Billy Pilgrim who is captured by the Germans during WWII .  Here is a little description of what happens then...
Billy " is kidnapped by extraterrestrial aliens from the planet Tralfamadore. They exhibit him in a zoo with B-movie starlet Montana Wildhack as his mate. The Tralfamadorians, who can see in four dimensions, have already seen every instant of their lives. They believe in predestination. They say they cannot choose to change anything about their fates, but can choose to concentrate upon any moment in their lives, and Billy becomes convinced of the correctness of their theories."
Okay, I gotta go!  I  have a book to read!!


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