Saturday, October 31, 2009


It's almost the witching hour when I will go out with my two little spirits and watch them engorge themselves with sugar until they fall into a diabetic coma!!  Of course this happens only after they have organized their candy, made strategic trades and then bounced off every wall like ping pong balls. Then they literally collapse in a heap with chocolate smeared all over their faces!  It's quite scary to see!  They are both "Scream".  I'm not sure what happened to the cute little costumes: bumble bees, Zurg, Buzz Light Year, Winnie the Pooh, etc.  Now it is all about blood, gore and ....blood and gore!  They're both obesessed with Chucky even though they've never seen the movie and keep referring to "it" as a "she".  I've corrected them and told them, "No, Chucky is a he, hence there would not be a sequel entitled 'Bride of Chucky'."  They don't seem to understand what I'm saying and go about their business with one pretending to be Chucky while the other says, "Chucky doesn't have an axe, that's not fair.  She only has a kitchen knife!"  
Anyway, finished "Slaughter House Five" and absolutely loved it so review to follow.  Happy Halloween All, keep checking your sugar count!   

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Anonymous said...

This Halloween in my kid's last to go trick or treating - so he says. I guess that means next year he and his friends are going to be tp'ing houses. Oh, fun.