Thursday, September 24, 2009


Visiting Misfit Salon, a great site whose creator is actually reading Ulysses by James Joyce, I discovered another site Reading Ulysses For The First Time .  What I have noticed about these two blogs is that it takes a person with a good sense of humor to get through Ulysses. My husband claims that Ulysses is an exercise in conceit, but then being the thespian he is, he starts contemplating how it would have been a lot better if Joyce didn't base the story on The Odyssey, but Shakespeare plays instead.  After visiting Italy this summer and meeting his sister's father-in-law who is a psychiatrist and  Shakespeare lover, he has all new insights into the plays.  Then he started doing Richard III for me, with his new understanding of Shakespeare issues with his mother!  OMG!!  This psychiatrist has psychoanalyzed all the characters and has a book in the works.  Now, this does sound interesting to me, even though I am as literate in Shakespeare as I am The Odyssey. Anyway, my sincerest sympathies to those who are mired in Ulysses right now.  When you finish you will feel that you slayed the big, mean, drooling dragon and if you come away only missing a few limbs count yourself lucky.  


StephanieD said...

Kris- it seems that we were thinking of each other at the same time because I have an award waiting for you at Misfit Salon.

Re: Basing Ulysses on Shakespeare - it almost feels like it is because of all the Shakespeare references, esp. the dizzying Hamlet discussions.

Peter said...

Hello, Kris! I got here because StephanieD of misfitsalon told me about your wonderful blog. I'm planning to read more classics next year, and your blog has given me further inspiration to do so.

By the way, here's my two cents' worth on Ulysses.

It's not really a review though.