Sunday, September 20, 2009


Last chapter I read in The Portrait Of The Artist As A Young Man was like Dante's Inferno.  Talk about fire and brimstone!  Joyce recounts a religious retreat where a priest gives lectures on those unrepenting sinners who end up in hell and I have to say it is scary.  I'll get some good quotes to post tomorrow as I am currently not home.  I grew up in a very religious household "Bible Thumping Baptists" and can relate to the constant dread of "I hope I'm saved and it really counts this time, because I don't want to burn in hell."  And, I was thinking this when I was five!  Not good! 
My son had his first tackle in football today.  He's nine and bruised from head to toe.  They take this football business very serious here in Hawaii.  It was a great day, sun shining, breeze blowing and could see Maui across the Pacific.  Oh, life is rough!! 

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Cara Powers said...

In a couple weeks I'm starting my own personal challenge: The Dante Challenge. Every Sunday I read a Canto in the Divine Comedy. I will be edumacated!