Thursday, August 20, 2009

My first post

Okay, getting started. I'm going to start my first post after I read Ulysses. Not sure how this going to work, but this is a work in progress. Maybe I should just comment as I go, I'll think about it tonight. So
a) I have to finish a book and then start commenting (which I probably would forget certain items of interest) and while commenting on the previous book be reading the second (if that makes sense) or
b)just comment as I go
I think b is going to prevail and I'll change the directions page.
It is overcast in Hawaii but of course warm. I'll be going to our used book store later. It is an awesome place. If you ever visit Kona Hawaii, it is a must. That is where I found my 1920's 30's Vanity Fair Calvacade by Cleveland Amory and Frederic Bradlee. My favorite magazine. Wow, those Madoff articles (won't go there).
Ulysses is my first book, so I'm going to go and find it! Wish me Luck.

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Cara Powers said...

I'm so excited for you! What a great challenge. I know I couldn't do it in 365 days. There are some hard novels on that list. I'll be following you. (I'll even put you on my blogroll.) Good luck!