Thursday, January 14, 2010


Okay, first of all, in looking over my hasty entries lately I have noticed several embarrassing typos and spelling errors! (Blush, blush, wagging foot with down cast gaze). Well I'm out of Maine and in La Jolla, California where it is absolutely gorgeous. I walked along the beach today with my two boys ten and eight and we saw all the seals basking in the sun and they had lots of babies as well (which of course are the cutest things on earth with their big brown eyes!) I can't help but worry for them that they will be shark bait. How horrible!

In my winter travels from Hawaii to Maine to California I have managed to read quite a few books: Howard's End, A Room With A View, A Passage to India (all by Forster), Deliverance (Dickey) and Lolita (Nobotov). There are so many aspects to Lolita that I don't even know where to begin. So that will be for another day. I'd love to hear impressions of Lolita from other bloggers!


Anonymous said...

I listened to Lolita read by Jeremy Irons. Fantastic! So much going on in that book. I wondered if it was translated into English and how a translation could be so beautiful, but later learned that it was not. How can someone write like that in his second language? Let alone his first! Simply amazing.

Farnoosh said...

I couldn't get into Lolita. Picked it up after "Reading Lolita in Tehran" which really affected me (I am from Iran) but Nobotov really didn't draw me in and I put it back on the shelf at home. Should I pick it up again?