Monday, December 28, 2009


The worst thing to do, if one has a blog, is to neglect it! But since coming to Maine I haven't had access to a computer regulary and with the holidays...well....need I say more! 
Last time I checked in I was putting out a call for impressions of Forster and his works!  A couple of takers thus far so will continue to put that together.  I have however finished reading all of Forster's novels on the Random House list: Room With A View, Howard's End, A Passage to India.
Currently I am reading Deliverence.  I wanted to get away from the never ending spew of English hyper-steriod etiquette:
"In a desperate bid to avoid emotion, the English have developed an entire language around the evasion of embarrassing situations:
"Oh Dittums, can you ever forgive me!"
"Dash it, that was rather a blow.’

‘I don’t suppose you could possibly..’
‘I’m terribly sorry…’
‘Would it be too much trouble to…’
and the like.....
I can't think of a more pertinent 180 degree turn!
Which author would you rather read?
Forster of Dickey?

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Anonymous said...

Hypersteroid etiquette - Ha! Oh, you do know how to turn a phrase, Kris!

I would rather read Forster. I just finished Enchanted April and now re-reading (re-skimming) Room with a View for you so I am fast becoming an expert on English vacationers in Italy and the erosion of stuffiness thereby. Cheerio, old chap!