Thursday, November 26, 2009


This is too cute.  It looks like my Uncle Herbie (God rest his soul).  Happy Thanksgiving to all those happy book bloggers out there that have shared so many good (and sometimes not so good) books and their insights, recommendations and humor.  I'm thankful I've actually made some unexpected like-minded friends by creating a "book blog". 
I was thinking last night about the learning curve of creating a book blog.  At first, I just thought I'm going to read these top 100 books, which I've always wanted to do.  If I create a blog maybe someone will read it and it will create an embarrassment factor if I give up!  That is literally how my sick mind works, disturbing yes!  Then I met some wonderful people and started enjoying their blogs and then discovering more blogs through their blogs.  
But then a whole new set of issues inadequacy issues!  "Hold the phone, WTF is a widget, winky, Mr. Linky, RSS feed, tweet-twitter, google reader, html codes, site meter, follower, gadget gobble, gobble gobble-de-gook?  Then I somehow ended up following myself not once, but twice and didn't know how to get myself off there until Stephanie at Misfit Salon took pity on me!  How embarrassing! And, Cara from Oh...Books tried to help me out as well with 101 Blogging, but I'm too challenged.
Then if all this weren't confusing enough, I started worrying about this phenomena "blog etiquette" and wondering if I had maybe done anything to offend another blogger or didn't comment enough etc.  Now at this juncture, neurotic would be an appropriate diagnosis.  As one may notice, I still have the most basic of basic blogs for fear of messing anything up beyond repair.  So for now I just have to stick with enjoying books and ruminating about them using all my "quotation" marks and lots of !!!!! and endless (parenthesis) because I always enjoy sharing internal monologue (see below).
Well off to engulf some turkey and the trimmings until I fall into a gelatinous mass on the sofa all drugged up on tryptophan (which I think is literally being sold on an infomercial now) As if I need to buy something that makes me more lethargic!
Happy Thanksgiving Uncle Herbie!!


fredamans said...

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Cute turkey!!

Michael Shawn Keller said...

Wow, I love what you did with the blog...very uplifting and positive!
Have a great Thanksgiving weekend!
Mike Keller

Anonymous said...

Happy belated Thanksgiving, my dear! I love, love your blog. It's the content that makes it rockin'!

Anonymous said...

Glad you like my photo. If anyone else wants to use it do the right thing. go here.

Happy Thanksgiving.